SIXLESS: Women’s Jewelry at $6 or less.

Jewelry tends to be an expensive item to purchase. Women want to wear attractive jewelry to spice up their outfits and keep up with the trends, but finding high quality, attractive jewelry at low price can seem almost impossible. Sixless is proud to … [Continue reading]

10 Amazing DIY Necklaces Tutorials

Amazing-DIY-Necklaces-Tutorials (1)

In the following post, we will show you the amazing DIY tutorials for making unique and beautiful necklaces. Don't be afraid to start those projects, it will be interesting and in return you will get a specific and original necklace. Enjoy! … [Continue reading]

Women Skin Beauty Tips


I've got a confession to make... Ladies with lovely skin all have their own tricks. So why do we always keep secrets from one another? Is it that imperative that you look greater than another person? Here is a quick assortment of several of the … [Continue reading]

Top 4 Women Business Ideas


The total number of women held businesses in the United States improved by 43% in between 1997 and 2006, almost double. In the United Kingdom, about 20,500 new firms were started out by women within the first quarter of 2006, a rise of over 30% in … [Continue reading]

Cross-Cultural Understanding in the Workplace


In society, we meet many people of different backgrounds of religion, ethnicity, race, gender identity/expression, sex, and marital status. It is of importance to treat people with respect in the workplace, even if one has different views. Sodexo, a … [Continue reading]

Magnificent Glitter Eyeshadows for Glamorous Look

Magnificent-Glitter-Eyeshadows-for-Glamorous-Look (16)

If you decide to go to a party and want all eyes to be on you, you need to try following spectacular eye makeup strategies. You should consider various make up options. When was the last time you applied glitter eyeshadow?  Do you know how to put on … [Continue reading]

New Year’s Eve Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorials

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The big evening is around the corner, so we thought maybe some of you would need a little bit inspiration and ideas for makeup looks. New Year Eve is probably the most exciting night of the year, so it's important to ring in the new year with a … [Continue reading]

Awesome Nail Art Ideas

Awesome-Nail-Art-Ideas (22)

Nail art with rhinestones, crystals, pearls and studs make you nail designs twinkle and shine. We provide you big selection of nail art ideas to help you create amazing designs. Do experiments with the numerous nail art designs you can find bellow … [Continue reading]

Eyeliner Ideas and Step by Step Tutorials

Eyeliner-Ideas-and-Step-by-Step-Tutorials (14)

Whether you want to know how to create a basic straight line, perfect your cat-eye, or learn creative new tricks, consider this your complete guide to all things eyeliner. Eyes can be elaborated, enhanced and exaggerated with any eyeliner. There are … [Continue reading]

How to Dress Swag – Ideas and Inspiration

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If you want to know how to dress swag, you've come to the perfect place. Dressing swag means not mainly having the proper clothes, but additionally being confident with your body and having the right attitude. The phrase "dress swag" is related to … [Continue reading]